A self made business personality who is also Chairman of AJ International BD, the parent organization of AJ International. As Chairman of AJ International BD he is providing leadership to five more subsidiary companies of the Group besides AJ International BD. As an expert in human resource procurement, Mr. Abdul Hye has made his mark in the manpower export sector of Bangladesh. He has developed a comprehensive recruiting chain which covers selection of workers, their medical test and required skill training in appropriate concerns of AJ International BD. He received a number of awards as recognitions of his contribution to the nation by securing employment for Bangladeshi workers abroad.

Mohammad Abdul Hye


A very successful business personality who has 35 years of overseas experience in human resource procurement. With a higher end education in business management Mr. Warsi has also expertise in real estate sector and hospitality management. Mr. Warsi is a thoroughly professional businessman who combines his business acumen with the market reality to secure the best result from the existing situation. As the Vice Chairman of AJ International BD, he always attaches top most priority in selection of workers who are physically fit in all respects for employment abroad.

Ayaz Waris Khan

Vice Chairman

His dynamic and innovative mind makes the difference in strategic planning in various concerns of AJ International BD. He always emphasizes on innovation and value addition. After obtaining his Masters in Business Economics and Computer Science Engineering from University of Texas he earned work experience at managerial level in United States. He has developed expertise in information technology. As M.D of AJ International BD, he is also involved in human resource procurement and earned 5 years of experience in this sector.


Managing Director

As Director (Recruitment) of AJ International BD Mr. Mofizur Rahman has been leading the organization from the front for over last two decades. His thorough professional approach and brilliant direction AJ International BD has been able to carve out a niche for itself in the growing overseas employment sector of the country. His dedicated service to the organization brought him best employee award of the organization. His professional expertize extends beyond manpower sector of travel and tour operation sector as well.


Director (Recruitment)