I take this opportunity to introduce our Agency by the name of AJ International BD as an experienced, modern, efficient & front line overseas recruiting agency in Bangladesh. Our earnestness and ardent services blended with highest standard of professionalism has earned us much sought after global appreciation, trust and poise. Densely populated Bangladesh possesses the immense possibility to help in developing the economic structure of those countries who are acutely suffering from shortage of right workforce. With this realization, AJ International BD came into existence almost three decades ago in the year of 1988. Convivial in nature but vigorous in accomplishing the job in hand, Bangladeshi workforce have been applauded by the employers of the countries from all around the world. Believing `People is Resource", we have placed our entire vigor in mining the best out of the persons and infuse in them a sense of responsibility. As such we have established the South Asia's largest technical training and testing centre to transform people into human resource. The result is an unmatched database of potential employees with outstanding technical know-how who are simply the best in the market. Filling a vacancy in today's very competitive job market is not an easy task. Unless you are fully equipped with the appropriate competency, it would certainly be difficult to scout the right candidate aptly exacting your requirements. The result might mean tremendous wastage in terms of resources, i.e. time and money. If you are encountering this kind of dilemma, you may want to delegate the task to us. Trust us, we can mobilize the right personnel for your company in conformity with your needs at reasonable cost.